Our Mission

Romero Academy at Resurrection partners with families to form future saints by developing the intellect, forming the character, and engaging the faith of each student.

Our Vision

Inspired to “Be More”, Romero Academy at Resurrection graduates will develop the virtue, knowledge, and academic skills necessary to thrive in a selective college preparatory high school, college, and beyond.

Our Core Virtues


Complete trust in God and confidence in His plan.


Doing what is right in the face of fear (K-1) and finding the strength to persevere (2-3), and having a willingness to venture when unsure (4+).


Fairness (K-1) Giving to God what is due; Giving to each person what is due consistent with each individual’s God-given dignity.


Making thoughtful choices (K-1) demonstrated in word and action (2-3) with knowledge of the things that matter.


Actively monitoring voice and body (K-1) by considering their impact (2-3) and exercising power over impulses (4+).

The 2020-2021 School Year at Romero Academy at Resurrection

  • A new Pre-K program.
  • A 1.3 million dollar renovation with brand new classrooms, technology, and furniture.
  • New after school care and enrichment programs.
  • A new, proven academic model that gets results.
  • The same Catholic values!

What Makes Romero Academy at Resurrection Different?

  • Proven academic model. Each child will work in teacher-led small groups while also having the opportunity to learn at their own pace using computers.
  • Partnership. We provide frequent, high-quality communication. We share and celebrate successes. If there are concerns, we communicate before they become problems.
  • Catholic values. Christ is at the center of everything we do.
  • High expectations. The path to college and heaven requires a lot of students. We balance high expectations with love and joy.
  • Character building education. We explicitly model and teach the values of “courage,” “wisdom,” “self-control,” and “justice” to prepare our scholars for college and heaven.